Upper partial dentures are an important transition between extraction and having other procedures done such as dental implants.  While many patients may consider this the only option, it can be the option of the moment and be followed with more permanent choices at a later date.  This is a great idea because it allows the patient to keep the teeth that are healthy in place in the mouth.  This is important for proper bone and gum health but also helps to maintain the muscular tone of the face and lips.

Upper partial dentures require a replica of the patient’s mouth to be made in order to shape the new replacements.  This can be done before the teeth that need to be extracted are taken out or after they are removed.  Once the mold has been sent to the laboratory and the upper partial dentures are manufactured, they are sent back to the dentist to be placed in the patient’s mouth.  They will be fitted to assure that they are properly and snuggly placed.  If for some reason adjustments need to be made, either the dentist can do that or send them back to the lab to have the upper partial dentures readjusted.

By replacing missing teeth in this manner, the patient regains the ability to speak and eat without worry.  This helps to go a long way in promoting a proper diet which is necessary for not only good oral health but great overall health.

Because these replacement teeth attach to other teeth via a wire system, it is of the utmost importance to practice exceedingly good oral hygiene in an attempt to stave off the increased likelihood of cavities and caries because of the wires holding bacteria and food against the tooth or teeth.