Call Us To Find Out More About Tooth Implant CostA concern for patients when they face a replacement procedure is the tooth implant cost. There are various aspects that go into determining the final out-of-pocket fee. The process is necessary when one or more teeth are lost due to an accident, illness, or poor care. It involves the placement of a titanium root into the bone which then gradually fuses together to support the crown. The presence of the porcelain or Zirconia crown will minimize the further movement of the patient’s bite as well. Not only will this procedure remove the need for dentures, it will improve their appearance, confidence, bite, and oral health.

While there are a numerous post-surgery advantages, the charge will vary from case to case. It will be affected by the actual type of piece utilized. Some dental professionals have their favorite, yet it often depends upon the material grade that will give the best result. When an abutment is necessary to infuse the crown to the root above the gum area, the materials can vary in price as will the type of crown requested. Other factors that will increase the final tooth implant cost include the number of implants, x-rays, follow-up visits, and other procedures required prior to the actual placement. Depending on the patient’s current dental health and age, they may need to undergo nerve repositioning or a bone graft to add bone where it has been lost.

Dentists, oral surgeons, and periodontists commonly perform the procedure, yet specialists with extended training tend to charge higher rates. Ranging from $1000-5000 per reproduction, it is imperative to work with the dentist and the patient’s personal insurance company to ensure the result is successful at the lowest cost.