Anyone who has ever arrived for an oral healthcare appointment with a sense of dread will be pleased to learn what is known about sedation dentistry. Gone are the days of sitting through a cleaning in pain and clenching the armrests waiting for it to end. Some people have so much anxiety that they can even act irrationally as the tools are brought out, and they may avoid a cleaning or routine examination for fear of the pain they may have to endure. Dentists have known about this fear for a long time, and they now have various methods to keep their patients more comfortable during treatment, which will also help them be more relaxed.

Intravenous anesthesia is one of the standard ways to deliver anesthetic, but gases or oral tranquilizers can also be employed to help a patient with fear and anxious feelings. In some offices, it is possible to run an IV without a needle, which can also ease the anxiety associated with the appointment.

If a patient is wondering, “what is sedation dentistry?” the professional will be happy to explain the different methods they have available for blocking out pain, and most will leave the patient in a still conscious state so they can communicate with the dentist and hygienist.

Oral healthcare is an important factor of one’s overall health, and now there is no reason to avoid getting the necessary procedures handled by a professional. From teeth cleaning to fillings and beyond, modern medicine is making this a less frightening experience.