Every December, people all around the United States commit to making positive changes in their lives. Weight loss is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions: About 53% of American adults say they want to lose weight.

However, anyone who has tried it knows that starting to work out (or starting to work out again) can be pretty difficult! Before you can see the results you want, you need to stick with it long enough to turn exercising into a habit.

When it comes to creating lasting change, working out at the gym is just better.

A good gym provides you with the resources and motivation you need. No matter whether you’re trying to shed pounds, tone your body, or become stronger, a gym is the best way to do it.

Let’s look at some of the best gyms in Houston for you to enjoy:

Orange Theory

Orange Theory works on the idea of interval training, short periods of intense exercise that can raise your metabolism for hours afterwards. In fact, the gym claims you can continue burning calories for up to 36 hours – wow! Group classes focus on a one-hour, coach-supported workout.


Equinox is one of the newer gyms in the Houston area, but it has quickly attracted a following. Equinox is a popular chain found in the U.S. and Canada, but it’s known for a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. It even provides a place for kids to have fun while you work out!

The Downtown Club at the MET

This gym combines a boutique feel with an incredible array of classes, programs, and equipment. The Downtown Club has only two locations and lavishes its members with unexpected perks. It has popular amenities like an indoor tennis program and even an on-site restaurant.

Snap Fitness

As a 24-hour gym, Snap Fitness is a terrific solution for late night and early morning workouts. Plus, you can access a network of 2,000 Snap locations around the world if you go on vacation. Snap’s personal trainers give members plenty of one-on-one advice and support.

LifeTime Athletic

LifeTime is a spacious gym that offers the “total package” for individuals and families. You’ll get a full range of excellent workout equipment and classes, of course, but this place goes a step further with nutrition counseling, health assessments, and sports programs for kids.

No matter which Houston gym you pick, the team at Medical Center Dental Group is rooting for you to reach your goals. If you’re feeling motivated to look and feel your best, why not improve your smile with our veneers or other teeth whitening services?

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