Root Canals: What You Need to Know

Root Canals: What You Need to Know
When you hear the term root canal during a dentist visit, you may have a preconceived notion that immediately causes fear. Root canals are frequently performed endodontic therapy procedures that remove an infection from the patient’s tooth and relieve the associated pain. If your dentist has recommended this […]

Are You Looking to Quit Vaping? Here are Some Tips

Are You Looking to Quit Vaping? Here are Some Tips
When vaping first became popular, it quickly became a recommendation for people who wanted to quit smoking but had difficulty quitting using traditional methods. Over time, it has become apparent that using e-cigarettes does not take away risks to oral health and total body wellness. […]

Dental Awareness Month

Dental Awareness Month
During February, children from all over learn more about dental health during the national dental awareness month for children. This event is called the National Children’s Dental Health Month (NCDHM). Dental practitioners use this time to identify areas of important knowledge in dental pediatrics and find creative ways to pass the information […]

How to Get Rid of Canker Sores

If you have ever had a canker sore, you know how painful one can be. If you have been lucky and not experienced one, you are fortunate. If you do get one, the following information will let you know how to get rid of canker sores effectively.
What is a Canker Sore or Tongue Ulcer?
A […]

Why Visiting the Dentist Is Good for Your Overall Health

When you think about overall health, you may not connect it to your oral habits, but did you know they are directly related? If your oral health can affect your overall health, it’s important to visit the dentist regularly. Whether for a dental cleaning or to have a painful tooth checked out, oral health […]

How to Stay Calm at the Dentist

We go to the dentist because we recognize the importance of maintaining good dental health through regular dental cleanings and by fixing problems as they arise. While many people deal with a trip to the dentist just fine, for some, it can be a source of anxiety. If this describes you, here are five […]

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