Since Hurricane Harvey, Medical Center Dental Group’s community team has redoubled its efforts to find ways to get involved with programs that help families in need. The hurricane in Houston brought our community together and sparked countless Houston fundraisers.

One of the best opportunities our staff has been part of is the J.J. Watts hurricane fundraiser.

J.J. Watts Fundraiser for Hurricane Harvey Victims Tops $37 Million

Local sports fans know J.J. Watts as the talented defensive end and football star of the beloved Houston football team. Originally from Wisconsin, J.J. has become a star in Houston after being selected in the 2011 football draft. Since then, he has set records for tackling and become a true part of the community.

On the field and off, people love J.J. – so it was great to see him lend his influence to a unique effort to help those in need after the hurricane disaster. Just a short time after the hurricane left the Houston area, J.J. jumped into action to make a difference.

On Aug. 27, J.J. officially announced his fundraising efforts with a recorded statement on Twitter.

Donations started to pour in right away, and it was clear from the beginning that this fundraiser could have a profound effect on the Houston community. Millions of dollars in donations were collected within a short time.

By Sept. 6, the situation got even better thanks to a $5 million donation.

Local business magnate Charles Butt, owner of San Antonio-based H-E-B supermarkets, was the donor whose $5 million contribution brought the total to an astonishing $27 million. This was not only a great gesture in and of itself, but inspired many others to get involved!

When the effort closed down the following week, more than $37 million had been raised.

On the fundraising page, J.J left a heartfelt message for contributors. Saying “there are not enough words to thank you all for your generosity,” he emphasized that the fundraising effort was proof that “when times are toughest, humanity stands as its strongest.”

The star further said he was “honored” by the efforts and contributions of all those who helped.

Although the effort officially ended in mid-September, that has not been the whole story. After attracting more than 200,000 supporters from all around the world, the online fundraiser received its most recent donation just days ago – well into October! Plus, it was from Australia!

Dr. Brant and His Team Stand Strong with Harvey Relief Efforts

As soon as the rain stopped, Dr. Brant at Medical Center Dental donated financially to J.J. Watt’s Fundraiser for Hurricane Harvey Victims, the office sent toothbrushes and toothpaste to hurricane shelters during the emergency. There are many people still in need, so visit our other posts on ways to get involved and stories from Hurricane Harvey.