Harvey, the recent hurricane in Houston, is a disaster of unprecedented scope. Even now, thousands of people throughout the Houston area have been displaced from their homes and are suffering from lack of basic supplies, groceries and even medications.

At Ingenious Dentistry, we want people all over the country to know there are many ways to get involved. The Houston community is full of places that help families in need. This also includes dozens of churches that help families in need as well as other nonprofits.

Let’s look at some of the best ways people anywhere in America can help Houston rebuild.

Houston Strong: Top Programs that Help Families in Need After Hurricane Harvey

The Texas Tribune List of Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

The Texas Tribune’s writers and editors have worked hard to develop a list of vetted hurricane relief resources where donations will get to people who truly need them. The New York Times has also created a list that can help you avoid Harvey scams.

Give to Food Banks

Food banks such as the Houston Food Bank, Southeast Texas Food Bank and Central Texas Food Bank are all accepting donations of canned food, meats, dry goods, cleaning supplies and more. All these organizations will distribute your donations to those in greatest need.

Make a Cash or Diaper Donation to the Texas Diaper Bank

Diapers are among the first necessities to become scarce in any disaster. The Texas Diaper Bank helps families, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to secure diapers and other necessary supplies that protect the health of infants.

Make a Contribution to Trusted National Organizations

United Way, Americares and Save the Children are all well-known national nonprofits. These organizations work tirelessly to ensure that donations reach people who will benefit from them – with a minimum of overhead and bureaucracy.

Consider Donating Blood

Time, money and goods are all desperately needed in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. However, you can help even if a monetary donation is impossible. See this local news article to learn more about donating blood to the American Red Cross for Harvey victims receiving medical care.

Volunteer Your Time at Shelters

Shelters are running around the clock to help those who have lost their homes to Harvey. They are in need of volunteers for all shifts. Any types of skills are useful. Shelters can also advise you if you want to open your home directly to those who may have nowhere else to go.

Along with Dr. Dale Brant, Ingenious Dentistry is dedicated to doing everything we can for our Houston community during this difficult time. To learn more or tell us about a program that can help, contact Medical Center Dental Group.