At Ingenious Dentistry, our team is working hard to support recovery after Hurricane Harvey. The hurricane in Houston has upended lives and destroyed many homes. A hurricane disaster of this magnitude is something no one ever wishes to confront.

Yet, in the midst of this tragedy, people are coming together to help one another. Here are some of our favorite heartwarming stories from Hurricane Harvey that we think you should know about:

Trapped Workers at Mexican Bakery Use the Time to Support Harvey Victims

Flooding was one of the worst dangers from Hurricane Harvey – but when it trapped the staff of a Mexican bakery for two whole days, they didn’t give up. The bakers at El Bolillo bakery knew they would be awaiting help for some time, so they set to work doing what they do best.

That’s right: Baking.

A team of four bakers was already working late when worse-than-expected flooding made it impossible to get home. That led to a marathon baking session that was just what the community needed. El Bolilo sold out of its many delicious baked goods in hours after it reopened its doors.

Read more about it at The Washington Post.

Philadelphia Kid Raises Money for Hurricane Harvey Relief with Lemonade

A lemonade stand is a traditional way for young children to make some pocket money. One 5-year old boy in Philadelphia went a step further when he decided to start a stand and donate his proceeds to Harvey victims. Obliging locals have been visiting Jett’s stand regularly.

At last count, he was able to donate hundreds of dollars. Though mom Margaret Brown helped set up the stand, Jett has done most of the work. He was inspired by concern for his beloved grandparents, who live here in Houston.

Find out more at the New York Daily News.

Television Crew Leaps into Action to Save Truck Driver from Flooding

Most of the time, journalists try hard to avoid becoming part of the story. When a KHOU 11 crew spotted a big rig driver in need, however, they jumped into action. Reporter Brandi Smith and photographer Mario Sandoval were among the rescuers who saved trucker Robert from his rig’s flooded cab by alerting passing deputies to the man’s plight.

Learn more at KHOU 11 or see more stories from The Weather Channel.

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All of us at Medical Center Dental Group have been affected by Hurricane Harvey and many team members are volunteering in relief efforts. If you have information on Hurricane Harvey relief, such as a charity you want us to know about, please get in touch.

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