Laser dentistry utilizes a high powered ray to perform various oral health procedures, and can be employed for both hard and soft tissue treatments. In other words, it can effectively target either the gums or the bone. The use of this type of equipment virtually eliminates the need for drills, anesthesia and stitches in many cases, which saves the patient time and discomfort and promotes faster healing. Through faster healing, it can cut down greatly on a patient’s recovery period, which is one of the main reasons people avoid many procedures. Getting certified in laser dentistry requires some rather extensive training, but mastering this type of technology is worth every bit of the effort as it is rapidly becoming the preferred treatment method.

Laser dentistry has been in use in many practices since 1990. It eliminates the need for some tools that have been known to be less than precise during many different procedures, particularly those for gum disease. It minimizes the bleeding by causing less tissue damage during the treatment. It also has the added benefit of being able to sterilize the area of the mouth as it works, and is much more precise than other pieces of equipment that have been used in the past.

Hard tissue treatments like fillings are highly effective when performed with this type of device. The beam easily wipes out bacteria and decay, and can also detect cavities even when used at a low intensity. The ray can be used to seal tubules in the bone, shielding and protecting the enamel and reducing sensitivity to heat or cold, which is something that plagues many people these days. It is also useful for tooth whitening by accelerating the bleaching process.

This machine can also fix many gum problems that often arise from ill-fitting dentures. It is able to reshape the gums, as well as lengthen the crowns. It is also useful for eliminating extra tissue in the mouth without causing the need for sutures. This can be done for either health or cosmetic reasons. This type of machinery is also useful for wiping out cold sores in a hurry, and also works on benign tumors or cysts within the mouth.

Though this type of equipment is both safe and efficient, it is not always necessary for many common procedures. When looking around for a professional in this field, it is important that a prospective patient figure out how much training a doctor has had if he uses this type of equipment. The Academy of Laser Dentistry is the leader when it comes to training and educating professionals with the proper use of this specialized equipment. Any practice that uses this technology should be ALD certified. When the certification process is completed, the doctor will know when it is best to use the device, and how to do it safely and effectively.

Laser dentistry is useful for many things, from detecting cavities, filling decayed teeth, removing embarrassing cold sores and bleaching teeth for a brighter and whiter smile. This machine is very versatile, and can help out a patient with many common cosmetic or oral health issues.

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