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For many people, having a healthy and attractive smile is an important goal. Although some individuals naturally have teeth that are straight, white, and in good condition, others need a little help to achieve this look. Cosmetic dentistry can help you gain the smile you have been seeking through safe and innovative procedures.

When you schedule a consultation, a thorough analysis will be performed and the procedures that are best for your specific situation will be recommended to you. Although there are a variety of available procedures, most cosmetic dental conditions can be corrected with teeth whitening, bridges or veneers, and crowns.

Teeth Whitening

One of the most common concerns patients have with the teeth is discoloration. Many daily habits can cause the enamel of the teeth to become stained, leaving the patient feeling self-conscious about smiling. Although changing some of these habits can help prevent future staining, teeth whitening is the best solution for the reversal of discoloration that is already present. Using tobacco, taking certain medications, drinking dark-colored beverages, and eating foods that stain all contribute to discoloration.

  • Professional teeth whitening takes several steps for long-lasting results and reduced sensitivity.
  • An initial in-office visit that includes taking impressions of the teeth to construct at-home bleaching trays
  • A two-hour bleaching session during the initial in-office visit
  • Two weeks of nightly at-home bleaching using the trays that have been customized to fit your teeth
  • Weekly at-home bleaching using the trays to maintain the desired shade.

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Bridges and Implants

Another common smile concern is missing or severely damaged teeth. A missing tooth, particularly in a highly visible area, sometimes causes people to try to hide a smile or smile less. Cosmetic dental practices such as bridges and implants replace missing teeth with false teeth that look and function like a natural tooth.

A bridge consists of a false tooth that is held in place by anchoring brackets onto the neighboring teeth. The neighboring teeth often need crowns for stability. A dental implant consists of a permanent fixture surgically placed into the jaw bone at the location of the missing tooth and topped with a connected crown.

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Crowns are used both in cosmetic dentistry for improvement of the look of the smile and in general dentistry after a root canal or to prevent further damage to a broken tooth. In cosmetic dentistry, a tooth can be covered by a crown or replaced by a crown and implant if it cannot be salvaged. Modern crowns appear very similar to natural teeth and function in a way that does not inhibit eating or talking.


Veneers are a popular way to gain a beautiful smile for patients who are unhappy with the shape, size, or alignment of the teeth and want a permanent correction that mimics the look of natural teeth. Since veneers are not as easily stained as natural teeth enamel, your smile remains healthy and white long-term. Veneers can be used to improve the look of teeth that are concerning for many different reasons, making them one of the most versatile options in cosmetic dentistry. The process is simple and has been refined over the years to look as natural as possible.

Veneer placement involves reshaping the surface of the tooth enamel to prepare a place for porcelain or ceramic veneers to attach. The dentist must remove enamel in the same amount of thickness as the veneer before it is attached for as natural of a look as possible. Bonding the veneer to the tooth is the final step, along with an evaluation of the look, feel and bite of the veneers.

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From Downtown Houston (Discovery Green)

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The building can be entered from either Main St. or Fannin St. Valet or self-parking is available in the parking garage connected to Scurlock Tower.



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