Teeth Straightening in Houston, TX

Straightening Out Your Cosmetic Problems

Most teeth will not grow straight unless steps are taken to ensure it, which can be done during the teenage years but also at any later time. Fortunately, given advancements in dentistry over the past couple of decades, there are now plenty of options for those who want to get their teeth straightened, including methods that don’t broadcast what you are doing to the world every time you open your mouth.

How Does Teeth Straightening Work?

All methods involve applying continuous pressure designed to move teeth in a specific desired direction. The difference in the various methods is only in the particular techniques and devices used to create and vary those forces. By pushing teeth gently but continuously, your body’s cells respond by actively remodeling so that the teeth become permanently repositioned. This does take time, however, and cannot be rushed beyond a certain point because of the nature of the biological processes that are occurring. The end result is permanently straightened, strong teeth that will stay like that once the pressure is removed.

Can Adults Get Teeth Straighten?

Though the classic image of teeth being straightened is associated with teenagers wearing braces, teeth can be rectified at any age, and with a variety of methods. These include methods that are less obvious to others, which may be preferable to adults who do not want everyone to be able to tell they are straightening their teeth. In fact, a sizable percentage of teeth straightening procedures conducted by Houston dentists involve adult clients. But because adults may have other issues and prior work done on their teeth, it’s important to be properly evaluated to determine the best option.

Benefits of Straightened Teeth

The most obvious benefit of straight teeth is the improved appearance and confidence boost you get from knowing you have a great smile. By whitening teeth in addition to having them straightened, you will now have the bright, white smile that people who depend on their appearance for a living possess. But there are benefits beyond this, including some that are not just cosmetic. Having a better bite can reduce wear on your teeth and help prevent pain and muscle tissues in the jaw and neck. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean, which can lead to healthier teeth in the long run.

clear aligners for teeth straightening_medical center dental group

– Clear Aligners

A popular choice for adults who do not want those heavy metal braces provoking distracting questions is clear aligners, best known by the brand name, Invisalign. These are actually a set of clear aligners worn consecutively that straighten teeth by providing the correct forces. They are not as fast-acting as more obvious braces can be, but that is generally not a concern due to them not being visually apparent. Each set of clear braces is custom made for your teeth, and are worn in sequence to move the teeth into place. In general, you move on to a new one every two weeks or so to maintain the pressure as the teeth move. They can also be removed at any time. Clear aligners tend to be very popular with adults seeking to straighten their teeth.

teeth straightening using metal braces_ingenious dentistry

– Metal Braces

The classic metal braces made famous in every screen depiction of an awkward teenager may look very obvious, but they do a great job of straightening teeth. They can accomplish it more quickly than other methods as nothing is compromised for the sake of masking their appearance. They are affordable and effective for straightening teeth. Metal braces including metal brackets are also very strong and less likely to break than other alternatives.

lingual braces teeth straightening_ingenious dentistry

– Lingual Braces

A variant of metal braces is lingual braces, which are metal braces that are applied behind the teeth instead of on the front. This means they cannot be seen, though it can be awkward as there are now wires against the tongue. This can make it harder to talk and eat initially. They are also harder to keep clean versus other types of braces, but they do have the advantage of the strength of metal braces while also being invisible to others.

ceramic braces to straighten teeth_ingenious dentistry

– Ceramic Braces

Similar in overall design to metal braces, these use ceramic fasteners to the front of the teeth instead of metal ones. This makes them much less noticeable as they can be white or match the tooth color. There is no ‘metal grill’ appearance, though there is still a metal wire joining them that can be seen.

Say Hello to Straighter Teeth with Ingenious Dentistry!

With all these options available, there is no need to not have straight teeth and a great smile no matter where you are in your life. To learn more about getting your teeth straightened at any age in the Houston area, contact Medical Center Dental Group today.






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