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The idea of wearing metal braces horrifies many human beings. The thought of metal in their mouth evokes fear of ridicule and concerns about the pain that can result from tension being increased on wires and brackets. Invisible braces have emerged in the past few years to solve both of these problems. They are far more comfortable to wear than metal braces, and they are practically undetectable when worn.

New ClearCorrect™ invisible braces are among the newest of these orthodontic alternatives. They are a much more comfortable alternative to the obtrusive and expensive metal mechanisms of past decades. Here at the Cosmetic Dentistry Center at the Houston’s Medical Center Dental Group, our dentists act as direct providers of ClearCorrect™ invisible braces and often recommend this exciting and highly effective treatment option for patients suffering from tooth alignment problems.

Dr. Dale Brandt talks about ClearCorrect invisible braces.

When the candidate for treatment first arrives in our office, we begin by giving them a complete, standard, full dental exam. This will involve complete screening for several diseases and taking a full set of x-rays.  We also check patient medical history to make sure that there are no serious conditions we need to address first.

After this, our team takes a good, close look at your teeth to see exactly where the alignment problems are. If we find that that ClearCorrect™ is the best option for the patient, we will take impressions and photographs of the teeth and send all of this data, a prescription for invisible braces, and patient x-rays, directly to ClearCorrect Inc.

The manufacturer then partners with us at this point. They first make exact 3D models of each of the teeth using the data we have provided for them.  They confer closely with our team, and they follow the prescription for realignment we send them.  This prescription shows them how to map out a gradual process of adjustment that will move the teeth from their current positions into new positions of alignment.

These results are double checked and projected, then sent back to our office. We then use these projections to show the patient in a computer simulation exactly what is about to occur. When the patient approves the plan, we then have the factory make the aligners, which the patient begins wearing continuously except during mealtimes and dental hygiene.

These invisible braces are so comfortable the patient using forgets he or she is wearing them. As each phase of the treatment is completed, ClearCorrect will make a new set of invisible braces for the patient to continue the realignment process one step at a time. Ultimately, the smile ends up being better than ever smile will be straighter and better than ever—with hardly anyone ever knowing that the patient used ClearCorrect™ to do it.

ClearCorrect Braces in Houston

One of our patients on why he likes ClearCorrect invisible braces.

With ClearCorrect™, we can straighten out your teeth without having to use the primitive metal brackets and wires. This new technology does not even use brackets at all, but rather is an invisible aligner that fits over teeth like a mouthpiece that no one can see.

This mouthpiece aligner moves the teeth just a little bit at a time so you do not feel pain during the process. Over the course of the treatment plan, teeth eventually straighten out. It does not happen overnight, but it takes less time than traditional orthodontics.


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