Short-Term Orthodontics From Ingenious Dentistry

Short-term ortho

If you are looking for short-term orthodontics as an alternative to metal braces, Ingenious Dentistry, led by Dr. Dale Brant, is your Six Month Smiles orthodontist in Houston, TX.

Our patients love these clear braces, which quickly and conveniently resolve many common tooth alignment issues.

Amazing Improvement in the Look of Your Teeth is Possible in Just Six Months

When many adult patients think of braces, they think of old-fashioned metallic braces that have to be placed in the mouth through surgery. There are many drawbacks to these braces: They can get caught on things or damaged, they’re difficult to maintain, and they can even be painful.

Luckily, they are now used less and less often. Six Months Smiles is the clear alternative to old-fashioned braces. They provide the results of metallic braces, but exceed expectations in all other ways:

  • They use clear brackets and tooth-colored wires, making them hard for others to notice;
  • They are comfortable, designed to move teeth through low pressure without tightening;
  • They present no significant risk of damage to teeth, roots, gums, or other complications;
  • You are probably a candidate for Six Month Smiles even if you can’t use other braces!

The Six Month Smiles Difference: Comfort and Convenience in an Affordable Package

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All orthodontic devices are designed to reposition the teeth over a period of time by putting pressure against teeth to gradually realign them. One major difference with Six Month Smiles is how it easily minimizes the force used so there are fewer risks of complications than with other braces.

With traditional braces, you might expect treatment to last for 12 to 16 months. Six Month Smiles lives up to the name by delivering results in a much shorter timeframe. Though each patient’s individual experience can vary, many will complete their treatment in just six months.

Because it is so discreet, Six Month Smiles is popular among adults, teens, and children. Most people age 15 or older that have crooked teeth may qualify for the treatment. You’ll need to visit your dentist for an assessment to make sure it’s right for you.

Make Your Smile Healthier and More Beautiful with Six Month Smiles

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In just a few short months, you can fix the most common tooth alignment problems with Six Month Smiles. Fixing alignment issues has a number of benefits. In addition to being pleasant to look at, straight teeth tend to be stronger and resist damage since bite force is distributed more evenly.

Dr. Dale Brant of Ingenious Dentistry in Houston, TX says, “Nothing gives a person more self-confidence than a beautiful smile. At Ingenious Dentistry, many of our patients who were unsatisfied with the appearance of their teeth achieved excellent results with the Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces system. We would be happy to consult with you to determine if this treatment would be effective for you.”

Getting started with Six Month Smiles is easy – and the sooner you start, the sooner you can enjoy the results. Set up your short-term ortho consultation with Dr. Brant by contacting Ingenious Dentistry. Call (713) 795-5905 or visit our dental office in Houston, TX. We look forward to helping you achieve the great smile you want.


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