Dental X-Rays/Radiographs at Ingenious Dentistry – Houston TX

Dental xrays


The dental X-ray is an important diagnostic tool your Houston dentist uses to assess the health of your teeth in ways that cannot be done just by visual inspection alone. X-rays can reveal cavities in hidden places, such as between teeth, and they give a far better idea of the severity of cavities as well as insight into the health of the roots of your teeth and the bone they sit in. Taking dental X-rays is an important part of monitoring your dental health.

Does having dental X-rays taken hurt?

Having dental X-rays taken does not cause you to feel any pain, and you will not notice anything when the X-rays pass through you. The only discomfort involved may be when you have the holder containing the sensitive film placed in your mouth near the tooth. You will be asked to bite down to hold it firmly in place while the X-ray is being taken, and that can feel slightly unusual though most people have no problem with it.

What are the risks associated with X-ray radiation?

Dental X-rays contain only very small amounts of radiation, at levels much less than those of medical procedures like CT scans that you may have read about. The low level of radiation exposure involved is generally regarded as very safe and highly beneficial when used judiciously.


Different types of dental X-rays

A panoramic X-ray is a broad X-ray image that maps out the entire layout of your teeth in your jaw. Panoramic X-rays are taken by a machine that moves around your jaw step by step to get the whole picture. These X-ray images are used to get a comprehensive survey of all your teeth. Sometimes a detailed X-ray image that is focused on one tooth or area of special interest is needed. In this case, a holder containing sensitive X-ray film is placed in your mouth on one side of the tooth, and the machine shoots X-rays through the tooth from the other side to create the image. You will not feel the X-rays themselves, though the feeling of the film holder in your mouth might be slightly uncomfortable. Fortunately, it will only take a few seconds, after which the holder can be taken out.

Having dental X-rays done is an important part of keeping your teeth and mouth healthy and identifying any developing problems early on. To have your oral health evaluated, contact Ingenious Dentistry in Houston today to schedule your appointment.