Emergency Dental Care in Houston, TX

Regularly scheduled dental visits help keep your teeth in great shape, but there are times when you get surprised by a dental emergency. If you are experiencing ongoing issues with tooth pain or other concerns, you may schedule an appointment with your dentist during regular dental office hours. 

However, if you develop an acute problem that cannot wait until your next visit, emergency dental care is available to meet your urgent needs. There is no need to suffer through pain or injury if you have the option to seek prompt treatment through an emergency dentist. 

Determining What Constitutes a Dental Emergency

A visit to the dentist falls under several different categories. Most patients visit the dentist during routine dental care, including an examination, x-rays, cleaning, and giving home dental care instructions. If there are any dental concerns, such as a cavity that needs to be filled or a cosmetic issue the patient wants to have corrected, a separate appointment is made for a later date to address the issue. 

There are times when a dental concern arises unexpectedly, and sometimes it is something that can be addressed with a work-in appointment within a few days. Some unexpected dental concerns are more urgent and need to be addressed right away. These pressing concerns need to be addressed through emergency dental care. 

  • Dental problems on weekends or outside dental office hours
  • Crown dislodges or falls off completely
  • A filling comes out of a tooth
  • A tooth is knocked out or broken
  • Extreme tooth pain 

Managing Symptoms At Home

Mild or moderate tooth pain can be treated at home until your scheduled visit using over-the-counter pain medication. If you ever questioned whether your dental issue is an emergency, then it is essential to call the emergency dentist to ask for advice. 

The emergency dentist may give you directions for at-home treatment until you can come in for your appointment. In addition to pain management, the dentist may recommend a warm compress, salt water rinse, or other home treatment to manage the symptoms temporarily. 

The dentist can also let you know if you need to come in immediately or if you can wait a few days to attend a regularly scheduled appointment. By explaining the risks of waiting until a later date to be seen, the dentist can help you make a more informed treatment decision.  

What To Expect During Your Visit

After assessing the situation, the dentist informs you if emergency dental care is necessary. If you need to come in immediately for a visit, the first step is to assess your level of pain and get the pain under control as quickly as possible. Typically, x-rays are taken, and an exam is performed to find the source of the pain so it can be treated. 

Depending on the findings, the dentist develops a plan of care to either stabilize the tooth issues until follow-up appointments are made or fix the problem entirely in one appointment, when possible. 

A cracked or broken tooth may not be very painful, but waiting too long to address the problem can lead to a worsening of symptoms and additional damage to the tooth. When a tooth is knocked loose, it is possible to save it if proper procedures are followed. 

An infection or abscessed tooth usually needs to be cleaned out and may also need prescription medication. If a crown has become loose or has fallen out, the dentist may be able to temporarily re-cement the crown until it can be replaced with a permanent solution. 

Contact Your Emergency Dentist

If you have a dental issue and are not sure if it can wait until your next dental visit, it is time to contact an emergency dentist. Emergency dental care can give you the help you need as soon as you need it. To get help from an emergency dentist in Houston, TX, contact Ingenious Dentistry or call (713) 795-5905 for advice about how to proceed or request an appointment. 

Driving Directions to the Medical Center Dental Group

From  the Houston Airport (About 40 Mins)

  • Take the Will Clayton Pkwy to I-69
  • Travel 25 miles, then take the Fannin St exit
  • Follow Fannin St for about 2 miles
  • 6560 Fannin Street #1424

From Downtown Houston (Discovery Green)

  • Take La Branch Street and turn left on Jefferson St
  • From Jefferson turn right on Hamilton
  • Take I-69 and Main St to Fannin St
  • Scurlock Tower will be about 2 miles on the right.

From US 59-S

  • exit onto Fannin St.
  • Scurlock Tower will be about 2 miles on the right.

From US 59-N

  • Take the Main St exit
  • Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Downtown/San Jacinto, and merge onto Wentworth St
  • Turn right onto Fannin St
  • Scurlock Tower will be about 1.5 miles on the right.

The building can be entered from either Main St. or Fannin St. Valet or self-parking is available in the parking garage connected to Scurlock Tower.