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After receiving a full mouth rehabilitation treatment. Make your smile bright again! Ingenious Dentistry, Houston, TX.


Are you looking for full mouth reconstruction in Houston, TX? At Ingenious Dentistry, experienced Houston dentist Dr. Dale Brant offers restorative dentistry that rejuvenates and stores your smile.

“Full mouth Reconstruction” is a complete approach to improving the health of your teeth and gums. It is fully customized to your individual needs and involves the individual recreation of every tooth in your mouth

  • What is Full-Mouth Reconstruction or Rehabilitation?

In short, full-mouth rehabilitation (or sometimes called reconstruction or rejuvenation) is the individual recreation of each tooth in a mouth. Full-mouth reconstruction is needed when the teeth are worn down, broken, or missing, causing problems in both the bite and appearance of the mouth. The Medical Center Dental Group can totally rejuvenate your mouth, creating a healthy, beautiful smile in as few as two visits. This process is so successful that others cannot distinguish the real teeth from the restored teeth.

  • Am I a Candidate?

Full mouth restoration is needed when the teeth have been damaged by decay, trauma, disease, and other factors.

You may be a good candidate if:

  • You have lost a number of teeth or have multiple teeth at risk of being lost or removed
  • You have damaged or fractured teeth that have been compromised by accident or injury
  • Your teeth are worn down by long-term acid erosion from the diet, grinding, or acid reflux
  • You have pain in the jaw or recurring headaches resulting from grinding of the teeth
  • Your top teeth completely overlap your bottom teeth
  • Your jaw clicks or pops

Treatments Used in Full Mouth Reconstruction/Restoration

The treatment is comprehensive, but its exact nature depends on your unique situation and needs. It’s important that teeth and mouth issues are diagnosed fully. This may require X-rays and dental cleaning before the other procedures can go forward.

Some of the treatments that can be used include:

  • Crowns:

    • Crowns are natural-looking porcelain “caps” placed over the entire visible surface of a tooth.
  • Bridges:

    • Bridges consist of a series of consecutive artificial teeth anchored by reinforced “abutment teeth.”
  • Veneers:

    • Unlike a crown, which encloses an entire tooth, a veneer encases only the tooth’s front side.
  • Dental Implants:

    • Dental implants are specialized screws, usually made of titanium, those anchor replacement teeth.
  • Dentures:

    • Dentures can replace the upper teeth, lower teeth, or all the teeth of the mouth.
  • Invisalign: 

    • Invisalign uses a set of clear plastic spacers to gently fix tooth alignment issues.

What Happens During the Office Visits?

Full-mouth reconstruction involves a preparation appointment and a seating appointment. During the preparation appointment, the doctor will remove all of your old restorations and any decay that has occurred. Then, impressions of the underlying healthy tooth structure are made and temporary teeth are made. These temporaries are worn until the final appointment, about three weeks later. At the seating appointment, your temporaries are removed and the final restorations are placed, creating the gorgeous, rehabilitated smile you never thought you could have!

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If you are dealing with severe tooth problems, there’s no need to suffer in silence. Even the most serious issues can often be remedied with the right treatment. One thing is for sure, however: The sooner you begin that treatment, the better your outcome is likely to be.

Dr. Dale Brant at Ingenious Dentistry will be glad to meet you and talk with you about your needs.

“Full mouth reconstruction can restore a beautiful smile for patients whose teeth are worn, broken, or missing – giving them the smile that they have always wanted,” Dr. Brant says. “At Ingenious Dentistry, I have successfully performed this procedure for hundreds of satisfied patients. We invite you to schedule an appointment. During this appointment, we will discuss your dental needs and goals. This will help us determine if this treatment might be right for you.” Call (713) 795-5905 today or visit our dental office in Houston, TX.