Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies is the world’s premier post-graduate dental teaching center. Practicing dentists from all over the world come to LVI to advance their education, knowledge and expertise. Graduates of LVI are amongst the finest, most progressive dentists in the world.

Training and Technology
The LVI Curriculum is exceptionally comprehensive. It begins with the instructors and faculty, who are some of the most talented, dedicated and experienced dentists in the field today. They not only serve as teachers in an academic forum, but also provide our dentists with hands-on clinical instruction. this practical experience ensures that dentists are ready to take their newly acquired knowledge and skills and implement them into their practice.

LVI Graduates Are Better Doctors


LVI takes pride in the caliber of it’s graduates. LVI graduates create practices that are very different from the typical dental practice. Optimal patient care is their first priority. LVI dentists provide care that is in the patients’ best interest; care that is not compromised by insurance mandates. These dentists answer only to their own conscience. They care for their patients as they would care for themselves.

The Patient Experience
LVI graduates deliver exceptional dental care that must be experienced to be believed. Truly, the patient experience is simply beyond compare. And it begins with the dentist. LVI dentists truly value their patients. They devote a considerable amount of time to each patient, listen to concerns and desires, and get to know each individual.

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