Five Things You Should Know about Teeth Whitening

If you are looking for professional teeth whitening services in the Houston, Texas area, Ingenious Dentistry can help you achieve the best results with our teeth whitening services.

At Ingenious Dentistry, it has been our experience that our in-office “power whitening” treatment is more effective than over-the-counter whitening methods. Dr. Dale Brant notes, “Professional whitening delivers a higher-concentrated solution in a more precise way for better results.”

Unfortunately, not all patients are good candidates for the whitening process. Natural teeth can be bleached, but the process will not alter the coloring of fillings or crowns on the teeth. If desired, those items may be replaced after whitening.

Tetracycline-stained teeth are also problematic for bleaching. Dr. Brant says, “It is very difficult to get etracycline-stained teeth to a bright white. We can get them to look lighter, but this usually takes a lot longer than the standard time to bleach teeth.”

If you are interested in teeth whitening, here are five important things you should know about the process:

1. Teeth whitening methods have been ADA approved

Approved by the American Dental Association, bleaching has been proven a safe and effective method for removing stains and revealing a brighter, whiter smile. Both professional and over-the-counter methods contain teeth bleaching ingredients that help to remove food and beverage stains and brighten teeth that are yellowed from aging or affected by prescription drugs or other medical conditions. The process of whitening causes no harm to your teeth, mouth, or gums, although the ADA has advised pregnant women to avoid whitening.

2. Not all teeth will whiten the same

It is important to understand that not all teeth will whiten in the same way. For most people, their natural teeth will whiten beautifully with a professional bleaching treatment. Teeth bleaching can remove coffee stains, smoking stains, wine stains, and more.
However, as discussed above, some patients may not be able to enjoy the benefits of whiter teeth. For example, crowns, molding, or replacement teeth will not be affected by bleaching agents.
Gum recession and cold sensitivity may also affect the whitening process for certain patients. It is important to consult with your dentist before you attempt over-the-counter whitening or professional methods. Schedule a consultation at Ingenious Dentistry to learn more about our professional whitening treatment for your teeth.

3. The whitening process may take some time

The professional whitening process generally covers a two-week period of time. Starting with an in-office whitening treatment, the patient is then responsible for using at-home whitening trays for the remainder of the time period. Adherence to directions is crucial. Dr. Brant says, “Following instructions is the difference between failure and success.”
At the conclusion of professional whitening treatment, a sealer is applied to the teeth to prevent future stains from developing.

4. There are different methods for whitening

While professional whitening will produce the best results, other methods are available. You can use whitening trays, strips, whitening toothpaste, and even brush-on liquids. Most over-the-counter teeth whiteners will produce some results, but, as noted above, it is recommended that you consult with your dentist before engaging in any whitening treatment.

5. Teeth whitening may cause sensitivity

Another important thing you should know about teeth whitening is that it can cause sensitivity in the teeth and/or gums. Ingenious Dentistry recognizes that some patients experience more sensitivity than others, but those individuals can find relief with over-the-counter products that help with tooth sensitivity.

Let Ingenious Dentistry Help You With Teeth Whitening

Dr. Dale Brant has vast experience with the bleaching process. He says, “Professional teeth whitening can produce dramatic results and restore a patient’s confidence in their smile. At Ingenious Dentistry, I have performed teeth whitening for more than 25 years and am confident that our treatment can effectively lighten and brighten the smiles of patients.”

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