Cosmetic dental implants are the optimum choice for people who need to replace teeth.  In the past, patients often opted to leave the area where a tooth was extracted with no further treatment.  This was later found to cause adverse health problems for the remaining teeth in the mouth, as well as the jaw bone itself.  However, for a long time the only choices that a patient had were either dentures or bridges to fill the void where there once were teeth. Now, patients have a better alternative.

Dentures may allow a patient to eat and speak, but they also have a tendency to move even when they have been adjusted for the best fit.  Seeds and other small pieces of food can find their way under the plate of dentures even when they fit well.  This can become very uncomfortable for the patient. They also do nothing to stop bone recession.

This is where the many benefits to having cosmetic dental implants come in. They are permanent which eliminates the need for adjustments, and no more worrying about food getting under them. They also help to preserve the bone structure of the face and mouth.  Teeth hold each other in place, and when one is missing the teeth begin to move out of their original position.  This can make a person’s bite out of alignment, and can even result in the remaining teeth becoming diseased and need to be extracted.   These permanent replacements can mimic the root of the tooth to stop the bone loss, as well as hold the other teeth in their positions.

These can be completed in just two appointments.  This is highly beneficial to the patient that wants to have the procedure done as quickly as possible.