Getting a dental post and core put in by a dentist can save a tooth that would have been considered hopeless in the past due to tooth decay or breakage.  With today’s advancements in technology and innovations, a dentist can repair a fractured or broken tooth when there is too much gone for a crown to go on.  It is important for a person to keep their original teeth if at all possible.  Having a dental post and core put in will give the patient stability again with the damaged tooth.

The process sounds relatively easy, but it is actually complex.  Contrary to similar methods, this procedure has a post, which acts as an anchor to hold everything in place.  Those other similar methods can be applied to any tooth, but this particular procedure has to be carried out on a patient who has had a root canal.  If the patient has never had one, that will be the first thing that will need to be done.

When more than 50% of a crown is gone, a cosmetic dentist will definitely recommend having a dental post and core put in.  For those people who do not like any metal inside of their mouth, a bio-friendly fiber can be used instead.

Receiving the root canal gives the cosmetic dentist a chance to eliminate all bacteria and decay from the area while, at the same time, creating the passageway in which the anchor will go.  After some preparation to the damaged tooth, a dental file will be used to further prepare the tooth.  The anchor will then be installed by the dentist.

Next, the core will be applied all around the anchor, totally surrounding it.  This thick substance will harden so that it can be shaped like a natural tooth so the crown will fit perfectly.

After the dental post and core are in, an impression of the patient’s teeth is made.  A lab will manufacture a permanent crown that will give the patient years of protection and usage of it.