Sensitive teeth treatment can be very helpful for people that are struggling with pain or discomfort because of the dentin being revealed.  This happens when the enamel thins, and there are a number of ways this could come about including age related deterioration and even surgical oral health intervention.  Whatever the cause for the issue, a patient is not going to want to wait until the situation is urgent.  Sensitive teeth treatment can start as soon as a patient can identify that there is a pattern to pain or discomfort related to certain things like temperatures or certain types of foods coming into contact with the teeth.

The sooner the patient goes in for evaluation and procedural care, the sooner the sensitive teeth treatment can begin and hopefully, the sooner the patient will see resolution of the problem.  A mild issue can be resolved in some cases by the simple choice to change toothpastes to one that is designed to help sensitive teeth.  More significant damage may require fluoride care.  These can be done at home with a prescription from the practitioner or in the office.  If the damage is to the point of needing actual restorative work, sealants and bonding resin can be helpful.  The cosmetic improvements from the sensitive teeth treatment may help encourage the patient to continue with a proper oral health regiment.  Any one experiencing tooth pain that can be connected to food temperatures or sweetness, as well as even having reactions to the air, should consider seeing their practitioner as soon as possible.