Tooth bonding is a procedure that dentists use to repair the structure and looks of damaged teeth on a patient.  This is one of the more commonly preferred methods to replace a lost filling.  Several things can happen that make a person lose their filling.  This procedure is a more dependable method because it will last longer.  Dentists can use tooth bonding for several different problems that a patient may have, and it is a fairly easy process for the dentist to do.

First, the dentist will apply a special type of conditioning gel that will make it easier to attach the bonding resin.  This is very important because, if the resin is put on the smooth surface, it will not stay long at all.  This gel etches the surface that makes for much better conditions for the resin.  The roughness allows the substance to dig in and have a much stronger hold.

The next thing that the dentist will do is mix the resin to match the color of a natural tooth.  Then, it can be applied to the patient and sculpted to look natural.  The amount used all depends on the size of the damaged area.  After the perfect shape is made, the next step in tooth bonding is hardening the resin.  This is done by a very intense light.

A patient can come to a dentist and ask for this procedure to be done because they have a small crack or chip, or maybe because of a noticeable gap they would like to have filled.  Tooth bonding can also repair decaying or misshapen teeth.  This process can even be used for uneven teeth.

Sometimes this procedure is used in conjunction with a more serious and complex procedure.  This is a determining factor on whether the procedure will need another visit or not.  Most small problems can be done in one sitting with the dentist, but more serious problems will need a follow-up trip.