How to Survive Halloween with Braces

Halloween is a time for spooky stories, creepy costumes, and of course – candy!
Kids of all ages love to go trick-or-treating on Halloween. And don’t worry, parents: Kids with braces can join in the fun if they choose the right candy during the holiday.
When enjoying sugary sweets, you’ll find quite a few that are just fine for children with orthodontic appliances. There are, of course, some exceptions! Those with braces should avoid sticky and chewy candy.

Dr. Dale Brant, of Ingenious Dentistry, says, “The problem is that certain types of candy are very gooey and sticky. This type of candy will stick in hard to reach areas in and around the braces. It is very difficult to remove and can cause inflamed gum tissue and decay.”
But that’s not all, Dr. Brant continues, “In addition to causing decay, the sticky and gooey candy can pop off the brackets which hold the wires in place for the braces and cause an unscheduled visit to the dentist.”

There are still plenty of Halloween treats that kids with braces can enjoy. For example, most chocolate bars are fine. Just be sure your kids brush their teeth after any sweets and before going to bed.

There’s a Clear Alternative to Traditional Braces

Here at Ingenious Dentistry, we’re experts in short-term orthodontics. That includes cutting-edge treatments like the “Six Month Smiles” system – six month braces that produce great results quickly. A simple exam will help figure out if you or your child might benefit.
Another thing anyone with “Halloween-aged” kids should know about is Invisalign braces.
Invisalign is one of the most popular and effective treatments for those who need help aligning and straightening their teeth. Invisalign’s spacer trays are removable, so users can eat any type of candy they want!

Dr. Brant says, “This is a great benefit of wearing Invisalign, although – after eating candy – kids still need to brush and floss their teeth properly, just like the kids with traditional braces.”

Because Invisalign is convenient, easy to use, and hard for others to spot, it’s been embraced by people of all ages. That includes kids and adults who don’t feel confident about the look of traditional metal braces, as well as athletes and those with hobbies orthodontic appliances might interfere with.

Considering Braces? Use Ingenious Dentistry and You’re In for a Treat!

No matter your age, it’s never too late to improve the spacing and alignment of your teeth. Not only does this help make your smile even more appealing, but it can support long-term dental health by making sure force is evenly distributed when you eat.

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And don’t forget: Always brush and floss after eating sweets!

Dr. Brant says, “Patients wearing braces – whether traditional or Invisalign – need to be especially careful with their candy consumption around Halloween. Candy, especially chewy candy, can become lodged in traditional braces and damage the teeth. Great care should be taken to clean the braces and teeth after eating candy. Be safe and enjoy trick or treating! Making it home safely is the most important part of Halloween.”