Parents whose children are in need of orthodontic work have all heard statements like these, when it comes to traditional metal braces: “But, mom! They’ll look funny! The other kids will call me ‘brace face!’ They’ll hurt!”

Fortunately, orthodontic technology has evolved and many of these concerns can be eliminated by using the Invisalign system, which is recommended by Ingenious Dentistry for teens. Dr. Dale Brant says, “Most teens prefer Invisalign to traditional braces because it is difficult for another person to see that you are wearing the Invisalign aligners. This can be a big issue when you are in middle school and high school.”

Invisalign can also work well for some older children. Dr. Brant notes, “Invisalign works best for older kids, since they are more responsible and tend not to lose things as much as a young child. But, it depends on each individual, as some young children are much more responsible than their sibling who is five years older.”

Advantages of Invisalign

The Invisalign aligners can be easily removed at mealtime and for the twice daily ritual of brushing the teeth. This means there are no dietary restrictions and your child will have an easier time keeping their teeth and gums healthy.

Cleaning their teeth with Invisalign is much easier than with metal braces, which – once removed – often show a decalcification on the teeth because the enamel has been damaged due to poor cleaning habits. This is something that does not usually occur with Invisalign.
Once the teeth are moved to where they need to be with Invisalign, the child will generally still need to wear a retainer to keep their teeth properly aligned. Having spent the last year or so doing this daily with the Invisalign trays, wearing the retainer will be something they are familiar with and a habit they can readily keep.

Unless your child makes a point of telling everyone, few people will notice that they are wearing the invisible braces. The clear plastic aligners are designed to fit seamlessly over the teeth. The result is that they are difficult to see, even from just a few feet away.

One of the greatest advantages of the Invsialign system is that there is less pain than that associated with traditional braces, and that’s good news for every parent’s ears! There is no pain from metal wires and brackets scraping against the cheek, tongue, or gums. Moreover, the movement of the teeth with Invisalign is gentle and consistent.

With freedom comes responsibility

The Invisalign system isn’t generally meant to be used with younger children. Because the aligners are easy to remove for eating and brushing the teeth, they are also easy to lose. This means that parents will need to carefully monitor their children so that the trays stay on the teeth, and not in the backpack, left on the nightstand, etc.
Choosing Invisalign for kids also requires taking into account their age and mouth development. It is recommended for children who have a full-set of permanent teeth. It is not usually recommended for younger children as their mouths are still growing and developing.

Dr. Brant says, “Invisalign braces are great for straightening the teeth of teenagers and older children. Teens, especially, love them as they can improve their smile without wearing uncomfortable and unsightly metal braces. Invisalign gives us another tool to straighten teeth, it has been a game changer in orthodontic treatment.”

Ingenious Dentistry
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