Ingenious Dentistry, with Dr. Dale Brant, is Houston’s first choice for quality general dental care. The goal of Ingenious Dentistry is to give you the absolute best care and treatment possible without any of the discomforts and anxiety you may have felt at other dental offices.

Dr. Dale Brant notes, “At Ingenious Dentistry, I have put together a professional, experienced and friendly team that is fully prepared to treat the general dentistry needs of you and your family. We will work with you to achieve your desired results and are confident that you will consider us the best dental office you’ve visited in Houston.”

General Dentistry Services

Dr. Dale Brant is ready to take care of all your general dental needs. These can include:

Dr. Brant works with each patient individually to fully understand their dental issues and concerns and recommend his best course of treatment, including tooth repair or replacement.

Orthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry

For patients who wish to correct a crooked smile, or improve the color and/or shape of their teeth, Dr. Dale Brant offers a full range of cosmetic dentistry services. Starting with orthodontics, Ingenious Dentistry uses Invisalign to gently move teeth into a perfect smile. Porcelain and composite veneers are also available to reshape teeth and return your smile to a healthy, natural white without stains or damage.

Laser Dentistry

Patients that have significant gum damage or periodontal disease now have the option of undergoing the LANAP (laser-assisted new attachment procedure) treatment. This groundbreaking technology uses directed laser light to kill harmful bacteria in the gums and remove damaged gum tissue without scalpels or cutting into healthy tissue. There is no need for sutures and patients need very little recovery time with LANAP.

Pinhole Technique for Receding Gums

Receding gum lines can cause unnecessary pain and discomfort as your teeth’s roots and nerves become exposed. Dr. Brant uses the pinhole technique for restructuring gum tissue and reducing damage to nerves. This treatment offers visible results for receding gums.

Dr. Dale Brant
Each and every patient at Ingenious Dentistry will be treated with the utmost professionalism and our treatment options will be individualized to their specific goals and needs, so they can enjoy a lasting, beautiful smile. Ingenious Dentistry always provides dental care that is consistent with the latest industry standards and techniques for excellent results.

Dr. Dale Brant says, “We are continually learning new procedures and techniques in order to deliver cutting-edge dentistry. We are extremely proud of our customer service. We want you to be treated the same way that we would like to be treated.”

If you are in need of general dentistry or other dental services, please contact Ingenious Dentistry today. Dr. Dale Brant and his staff are happy to answer any questions you have about dental care, and will schedule a one-on-one consultation to identify the best treatment options for your teeth. Again, we are confident that you will consider us the best dental office you’ve visited in Houston.