Periodontal disease – commonly called gum disease – is one of the most serious threats to dental health. Gum disease is a bacterial infection in the gum tissue that supports the teeth and, left untreated, the infection can spread to the jawbone itself.

Healthy gums are essential to healthy teeth. They maintain the supply of blood to the nerves, pulp, and other essential structures within the teeth. As gum disease progresses, this support breaks down and the internal structures weaken, accelerating tooth loss.

Dr. Dale Brant, of Ingenious Dentistry, notes the causes of the condition, “Periodontal disease results from poor oral hygiene at home and not seeing a dentist on a regular basis. Genetics can also play a big role in the disease.”
He also notes its symptoms. “If you have bad breath or loose teeth, this can be an indicator of periodontal disease, but you need to see a dentist to have it properly diagnosed.”

Fortunately, gum disease generally takes some time to progress. By acting quickly, you can arrest it and reverse it.
A Powerful New Laser Dentistry Technology Can Restore Healthy Gums
LANAP – Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure – is a groundbreaking approach to treating gum disease. With this procedure, bacteria and unhealthy tissue are removed with a special medical laser.

The treatment itself is not painful. Dr. Brant says, “During the surgery, local anesthetic is used and, after the surgery, most patients take over-the-counter medication to control their discomfort.”
After LANAP, bacteria can no longer attack the “pockets” caused in the tissue by the original infection. This accelerates the healing process and substantially reduces the risk of further infection. With this protection in place, the body’s healing mechanisms go to work and healthy tissues are restored to the affected area.

Improvement on Traditional Gum Surgery

LANAP is a marked improvement over traditional gum surgery to treat periodontal disease, which involved scalpels to cut away diseased tissue and uncomfortable and unsightly stitches afterward.
As Dr. Brant states simply, “It was painful surgery that included cutting and sewing.”

Ingenious Dentistry

LANAP is a great addition to dental science as it can more effectively treat gum disease, with less patient discomfort compared to traditional gum surgery. The medical laser presents minimal risk of damaging healthy tissue while unhealthy tissue is excised.
Best of all, the whole procedure can often be completed in just one or two sessions.
Dr. Brant says, “At Ingenious Dentistry, we are proud to treat our patients suffering from periodontal disease with LANAP as it is the latest scientific advancement for successful treatment. It is the only FDA approved procedure to treat periodontal disease.”
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