Five Benefits to Smiling More

Smiling is something most of us don’t think about too much. However, if you have bad teeth, or you’re worried about how your smile looks, you may be more likely to develop that no-teeth smile, or you may just avoid showing your smile at all.

If you’re not confident in your smile, Dr. Dale Brant at Ingenious Dentistry can help. “Come in for a consultation,” he says. “It may be as simple as bleaching your teeth, or we can make a whole new smile with veneers and crowns.”

Even if you don’t mind showing off your smile, doing so more often has many benefits.

1. Smiling Builds Trust

You can’t look somebody in the eye, flash a nice smile, and then lie to them to build trust – it just won’t work. However, if you’re a trustworthy person with a positive message, people will be more likely to trust and believe what you’re saying if you smile while you talk.

For the most part, a smile works to build trust because seeing a smile naturally puts people at ease. Whether you’re trying to make more friends or build a productive team at work, a smile can take you further than you might think.

2. People Who Smile Look Confident

A straight, serious face might seem the most confident to you, but most people don’t interpret it that way. In fact, most people really think that a person wearing a smile is more likely to look competent and confident.

It stands to reason when you think about it. After all, a person doing a tough job with a smile on their face certainly looks a bit more up to the challenge than somebody wearing a scowl.
Dr. Dale Brant notes, “There are many studies that show a beautiful smile will get you noticed more. A great-looking smile can lead to career advancement, more sales, and more positive relationships with co-workers and customers.”

3. You’ll Be Easier to Approach

An individual walking around with a smile on their face looks happy, therefore it makes sense that a smiling person is more approachable. Whether you’re looking for approachability at work or in your personal life depends on you, but in general, it will certainly help.

If you feel like you commonly scare people away for some reason, giving a big smile might also be able to help you.

4. More Smiles, More Endorphins

Endorphins are basically the chemicals in your body that are released every single time you’re happy or excited about something. Simply put, they are your body’s feel good chemicals.
When you smile, even if you don’t do it because you’re over-the-moon excited, you’ll release some of those endorphins. When it comes to smiling, doing it more could actually make you feel happier.

Dr. Brant says, “When you smile, you are happy and everyone loves being happy.”

When you’re happy, you’ll want to smile even more!

5. Stress Reduction

Everybody knows stress is a killer, but what if something as simple as a smile could help you reduce the amount of stress you experience? It might sound counter-intuitive, but the next time you feel stress, try to find something to smile about. You might just find that your stress level is reduced every time you smile.

Come, Improve Your Smile at Ingenious Dentistry

Dr. Brant says, “As a professional dentist, I love nothing more than to see my patients smiling! Doing so is great for their health and mood and, of course, shows off the beautiful smile we’ve helped them achieve at Ingenious Dentistry!”

Contact Ingenious Dentistry to learn more about the benefits of smiling or for a consultation on how we can help you improve your smile. Call us at (713) 795-5905 for more information.






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