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Houston Laser Dentistry

Lasers have been used in dentistry since the 1990’s. There are many different types of lasers that are used in dentistry.  At Ingenious Dentistry, we use several different types of lasers to treat our patients.  We have the only FDA approved laser to perform LANAP, Laser Assisted new Attachment Procedure or also known as laser periodontal surgery.

What is LANAP?

LANAP is a patented protocol that can only be performed by a certified laser dentist.  Dr. Brant are trained to perform LANAP using the Millennium Dental Technologies PerioLase MVP-7.  The only FDA approved laser to perform LANAP.

Dental Implants

Unfortunately, in the dental community, we are seeing some patients that have dental implants having issues with gum disease in and around their implant.  Dental implants are very successful and patients get many years of use out of their dental implants, but some patients have gum disease around their implants.

Dental implants will not get decay like a natural tooth, but can and will get gum disease around them.  Some patients that lost their natural teeth to gum disease are more prone to losing an implant to gum disease around an implant.  In the past, it has been very difficult to treat a patient with a failing implant.  Now we can treat these patients with LAPIP.

Laser Assisted Implant Peri-Implantitis Procedure (LAPIP)

This is a very safe and conservative procedure used to treat ailing and failing implants.  The key in treating failing implants is for the patient to contact us when they first start noticing issues with the gum tissue around your implant.  Signs and symptoms can be soreness in the gums, a gum boil or your gums around the implant(s) bleed.

Laser Dentistry in HoustonAnother issue that we are seeing at Ingenious Dentistry is a lot of our patients are now on blood thinners.  Every day you see commercials on television with a new and improved blood thinner.

They also, warn the patient that if you are on a blood thinner to inform your dentist before any dental procedure is performed.  In the past, we used to give the patient a medication holiday (stop taking the blood thinner) before any dental surgery.  Now that is not necessary since we can stop bleeding with our laser.

We can get hemostasis with our PerioLase MVP-7.  We use specific settings to get the bleeding to stop and this creates a win win for the patient.  They can get extractions performed without having to stop the blood thinner.  We have many physicians refer patients to use for this treatment.

In addition to the procedures listed above we can also do the following procedures in our office with a laser:

  • Remove overgrown gum tissue
  • Treat ugly cold sores (herpetic lesions)
  • Treat and remove fibrous growths
  • Help relieve migraine and tension headaches

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We are always researching and exploring new lasers in order to help treat our patients better by searching out cutting edge technology.

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