When people need to have their teeth repaired due to a fracture or if they simply want to improve their smile, they can have a resin crown restoration performed by their dentist.  This mixture is made up of a special compound that is combined with microscopic particles.  It can be thought of as tiny pieces of glass being mixed into a thick substance in order to make it stronger when it is hard.  The dentist will have an impression made of the patient’s teeth before they begin.  A resin crown restoration can fix numerous problems with a person’s tooth.

After the impression is made on the teeth, the dentist can then carry on with the procedure.  Before the dentist can have anything sent off to the lab or put on something temporary, there are many other things that need to be done in order to prepare the teeth for this procedure.  It will take two appointments to the dentist to have a resin crown restoration.

During the first visit, the dentist will numb the surrounding area that will be worked on.  This prevents the patient from felling any possible discomfort.  Another step in protection is applying a rubber dam in the throat.  This will keep any debris from falling into the throat during the cleaning or anything else.

Next, the dentist will carefully clean the teeth and remove any plaque and decay.  The tooth will be slightly reshaped so that the resin will grab the surface of the tooth better.

The impression that the dentist made will be sent off to the lab so that they can form the permanent crown.  This process takes about two weeks to complete.  The tooth is left vulnerable during this time.  The dentist will put a temporary fixture on the tooth for the time being.

When the permanent one is ready, the procedure can be finished.  A resin crown restoration will be completed by the dentist removing the temporary fixture and applying the permanent one.