Perio-ridge augmentation is a procedure done when you lose several teeth at one time due to periodontal disease.  This is a condition that attacks the salivary glands, which in turn can cause your teeth to fall out.  When something happens to our body it tries to make it better or compensate for the problem.  When you suddenly lose more than one tooth instantly, it creates a gap, and your body will naturally try to fill in that gap.  This causes major problems including a space between your gums and teeth.  To fix the problem without causing many other issues, you could choose perio-ridge augmentation.  Doing this procedure will fix the gums and give you a natural looking false tooth.

What exactly causes this space or indention between the tooth and jaw bone in the first place?  The answer is bone recession.  Your body determines whether or not a bone is useful anymore by the amount of vibration it picks up from it.  If it still gets a good vibration, then your body knows to still give that bone blood and nutrients.  Your body will stop sending those things if it does not pick up a lot of vibrations from the bone.  It will assume that the bone is not good anymore and cut off the supply and send it to other areas of the body that need it.

If you go too long without getting a perio-ridge augmentation, then more serious problems can occur.  The good thing about this procedure is that it fixes your gums and makes them healthy again making it possible to put in false teeth or a bridge.  Dentists can pump up the tissue on your gums, and make it look band new.

To help prevent you from even having to get perio-ridge augmentation, you need to make regular visits to your local dentist.  They can treat your teeth and gums.  They can also give you advice on how to keep good oral hygiene.