Updated June 9, 2021

Rappers, athletes, and many other celebrities are often seen sporting grillz. What are grillz? They’re the flashy snap-on dental ornaments that cover the visible surfaces of teeth. They can go over a single tooth or come in a more significant piece that goes across the upper or lower dental arch.

This fashion fad has attracted lots of attention among fans – both teens and adults!

It’s leaving many folks asking whether grillz (or grills) contribute to dental problems like tooth decay, plaque buildup, and more. Medical Center Dental Group has the latest word on this trendy mouth bling and what it means for dental health!

Responsible Use Creates Few Risks for Grill Lovers

Grills have only become popular in recent years, so not much research has been done on them. The cost of grills – well into the thousands for gold and silver, and potentially in the millions for rarer materials – keeps most people away.

According to the American Dental Association, no studies have shown that there are long-term hazards associated with wearing grills. However, those who use them on a regular basis need to be especially cautious about maintaining their dental health.

Use Grills Only as Intended

When putting grills on and taking them off, be very careful not to damage teeth and the sensitive tissues of the gums. In particular, don’t make alterations to the grill or try to attach it with adhesive. That could cause serious problems that would require an emergency dentist.

Choose Your Grill Wisely

Some materials can be in continuous contact with the gums without issue. Others, however, could produce allergic reactions. Likewise, a grill must fit well to avoid irritating the gums. Use a new grill sparingly for the first few days until you are sure it is right for you.

Brush and Floss Regularly

If you decide to use grills, it’s extra important to brush several times per day. Grills shield your teeth from the saliva that naturally disrupts bacteria on tooth enamel, potentially fostering plaque buildup. Food particles may get stuck behind grills, so floss teeth and wash out the grill daily, too.

If you want your teeth to shine like diamonds, there’s nothing wrong with using grills. Just remember: You can get a brilliant smile even without grills when you brush daily, floss as often as you can, and visit your favorite dentist at least twice a year.

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