How to Get a Good Smile with Bad Teeth?

Updated June 10, 2021

Smiling is a great way to make an instant connection with people. When you smile, you look confident even when you don’t feel great. Science has shown smiling makes you happier. It also has a positive effect on those around you.

Sadly, not everyone has a smile they are happy about.

Tooth discoloration, chipping, cracking, and other issues can make a person self-conscious about smiling. If this is true for you, you might find yourself working hard not to smile in situations where it’s expected, like taking pictures.

There are amazing benefits to smiling, so everyone should find a way to make it feel comfortable with them. Luckily, there are many ways to create a photogenic smile – the kind that looks good on camera – without changing anything at all about your teeth.

If you’re wondering how to get a good smile with bad teeth, try these tips from Medical Center Dental Group:

1) Tilt Your Head

Try tilting your head to find an angle you’re more comfortable with as you smile. Raising or lowering your head just a little bit can significantly change which teeth are visible. Raising the head, in particular, can make a smaller smile seem larger and brighter.

2) Show Your Upper Teeth

If you are mainly concerned about your lower teeth, you can try smiling with just the upper teeth visible. A smile that only reveals the upper teeth can have charming confidence or an intriguing, enigmatic quality to it.

3) Stand Up Straighter

When you smile, your face isn’t the only part of the equation! Since posture and body language communicate so much, standing up straighter can help. This tends to make people look more confident and happier.

4) Use Lipstick

Ladies have a secret weapon when it comes to finding a terrific smile for them: Lipstick. No matter if your favorite color is bright, deep, or subtle, you’ll take the emphasis off your teeth while bringing your unique look together.

5) Practice!

Finding the perfect smile takes time and effort. Even Hollywood celebrities have spent a few hours in front of the mirror, looking for just the right one. A little practice can help you feel more grounded and connected to your smile.

If you’re still not quite sure how to have a pleasant smile with bad teeth, there’s an alternative. Our team will help you get the smile you want by whitening, repairing, or replacing teeth.

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Featured Image: Getty Images/ AaronAmat