Are You Looking to Quit Vaping? Here are Some Tips

When vaping first became popular, it quickly became a recommendation for people who wanted to quit smoking but had difficulty quitting using traditional methods. Over time, it has become apparent that using e-cigarettes does not take away risks to oral health and total body wellness. If you have decided to quit vaping but don’t know where to start, review some of these tips for kicking the habit for good.

Create a List

When preparing to quit a bad habit or start a good one, how you mentally prepare can make a real difference in the successful completion of the next steps. For some people, part of the preparation is to create a list of goals that will serve as a constant reminder during the quitting process. Your list could include health or financial goals you hope to reach. Any time you feel as though you may become derailed from your goals, you can refer to your list and get back on track. It’s easy to tell yourself the reasons why you want to make a change, but writing them down becomes a tangible and powerful reference for the hard times.

Prepare for Stress

Quitting a habit can be a very stressful time. Preparing for what to do when you feel excessive stress can help you get through the worst times. It’s no secret that many people try to quit smoking multiple times before they are finally successful. Stopping the use of e-cigarettes can be similar in difficulty. Some people choose to determine a specific replacement activity to use any time they get the urge to vape. Examples of small distractions include using a fidget spinner or worry putty, clicking the top of a pen, or tapping fingers together any time an urge strikes. One of the best ways to mitigate stress is to identify a support person to call if you become overwhelmed with the process.

Give It a Practice Run

If the thought of quitting cold turkey is too daunting, you can try to give it a few practice runs before you commit. This method does not work for everyone, but breaking up the process into more manageable bits can help some people make a commitment that may seem impossible if viewed in totality. You can start with a day of no vaping or commit to leaving your e-cigarette at home throughout the day and only use it in the evenings for a while. Over time, you can try to extend the time between uses, such as only vaping on the weekends. Once you are able to get through your mini-quitting sessions, quitting for good may not seem as impossible.

Bridge with Nicotine Replacement

Those who use nicotine e-cigarettes have more obstacles to overcome than just breaking a bad habit. Nicotine is addictive, and many individuals need extra help to lower the nicotine levels slowly over time before quitting. Nicotine replacement therapy comes in many forms, including medication, gum, and inhalers. While you work on the psychological aspects of stopping your vaping habit, the nicotine replacement can wean you off of the physical addiction to nicotine.

Give Up Your Products

Smokers who decide not to purchase new cigarettes or carry the packs they already have around with them are more likely to make it through the day without smoking. The same can be true for people who want to stop using e-cigarettes. Throwing out any remaining e-juice and getting rid of your e-cigarette automatically set up big obstacles to vaping. Since e-cigarettes can be pricey, some people are not willing to throw them out. At the very least, you should leave yours at home during the day or lock it up in between uses to make it more difficult to access.

Get Support

The process of quitting a difficult habit is not always something that you can handle on your own. Luckily, tobacco cessation programs can also help you quit vaping. Calling a quit line and speaking to a representative about your desire to stop using e-cigarettes is the first step to following a program that will give you access to support all along the way. Some other programs, many geared toward the younger population, have popped up to specifically provide support to current e-cigarette users.

Learn More About Quitting

If you currently use e-cigarettes but are concerned with the effects on your physical health, you may be considering trying to quit. The process of quitting may be difficult, but getting the support you need from the very beginning can help you meet your goals. Speaking with a medical professional about the physical effects of e-cigarettes or with a dental provider about the effects of vaping on oral health can be a good starting place. If you have any questions or concerns about vaping and the effects on your wellness, contact Ingenious Dentistry for further information.