Getting your kids to do what is good for them is not always easy, but it is very important to get the message across when it comes to dental care. Learning how to brush your teeth for kids can be a task they find unpleasant initially and one they would rather avoid. So make it more fun with these handy tips on how to teach your child to brush their teeth and make it stick.

Set a fixed minimum time limit

Incorporate brushing teeth into a routineIn order to make sure they don’t rush brushing and end up not getting the full benefit, pick a song or use a clock with a timer to show them how long they should brush for. By setting a goal – we brush until the song ends – you make brushing more playful which will engage your child more.

Incorporate brushing teeth into a routine

You can make brushing your teeth the thing that has to be done after changing into pajamas and before story time. Link brushing to other bedtime activities instead of leaving it as a tiresome chore that stands by itself.

Brush with them

A great way to encourage your child to brush their teeth properly is to brush your teeth alongside them in the mirror. Kids love to learn by imitation, and doing it with you will make it more entertaining for them. Have fun with it, but make sure it’s being done right too – and remember to brush your teeth again before your bedtime if you eat or drink after your child has gone to bed.

Involve them in shopping for dental supplies

If they get to pick out their own toothbrush – maybe one that includes their favorite cartoon character – children feel more invested in brushing their teeth. Let them help with picking out the toothpaste too. This helps build good habits for later life when taking care of their teeth, as brushing, including buying the tools and supplies to do so, will already be second nature to them.

Emphasize the rewards

Brush with your kids

While you can create a rewards system based on stickers that work well for very young children, you can also begin to educate your child on the real rewards they are getting, including healthier teeth, fewer problems at the dentist, and a beautiful, bright smile like the people on TV!

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