A dentist may say that comparing dental crowns, a bridge and fillings is like comparing apples to oranges.  In the dentist’s eyes, each of these procedures has an appropriate reason for being used.  However, a patient may be looking at other things such as the price of each procedure and how long will it last.  A patient may also be considering how much down time is involved with each.

Dental crowns, a bridge and fillings are all excellent choices as procedures depending on what type of damage has been sustained by the tooth or teeth.  If a tooth has merely sustained a small crack or fissure, then it may be possible for fillings to take care of the problem.  If a tooth has had a degree of decay and had to have a lot of tissue removed, then dental crowns might be the plausible answer to the problem.   If there are more than one tooth missing, then it may be that a bridge might be the best solution.

It is often the case that a patient must completely understand a procedure before they can rule it out or opt to choose it.  Of course, there are also times when a dentist will insist that there is no other type of procedure that will do what he or she needs it to do.  In these cases, the choice between dental crowns, a bridge and fillings really isn’t an option to the patient.  Perhaps this is why it is best to allow a professional to make the decision because, in the end, they know what they are talking about for sure.  This will mean that the patient can know that they are getting the best procedure for the condition or problem.