Many people may not see the connection between gum disease & pregnant women, but recent studies and tests have proven that there is one.  For many years, doctors have been doing research to figure out what conditions may cause someone to go into labor early or have a baby with a low birth weight.  They have found that drinking, smoking, and drug use are the leading causes of this, but they have also found that gum disease can, in fact, be a catalyst to an early delivery.  Periodontal disease is one such problem that people have that could cause premature labor.

What is this condition, and what can I do to get rid of it?  Is it something I can get rid of all together, or is it going to be with me forever?  What options do I have as far as treating it?  These are all questions that have been raised due to the connection between gum disease & pregnant women.  This condition attacks your gums and teeth and could possibly lead to tooth loss.  It destroys the tissues in your mouth and can be controlled.  It is a long term condition, but with the help of your dentist it can be managed.  The good news is that gum disease & pregnant women do not go hand in hand.  Not all people that are with child get this periodontal condition.

We do not know everything there is to know about this condition yet, but we do know that it somehow triggers biological fluids in people that cause premature labor.  Ladies that have this periodontal condition are seven times more likely to have a premature delivery or a baby with low birth weight.  Gum disease & pregnant women is not a connection to be looked at lightly.  If you are expecting a baby, then you should schedule at least 3 check-ups with your dentists during the term.