Need Permanent Dentures? Give Us A Call.Permanent dentures help rectify the complications of tooth loss. The loss of one’s teeth is something that is hard to avoid. Many things can cause it, from poor dental hygiene to a slip and fall. Good news is, is there is a solution that is more natural looking and less of a hassle than its removable alternative.

Partials such as crowns and bridges, as well as porcelain implants, are considered permanent dentures. In order to determine the best solution for the problem, it is best to consult a prosthodontist. They will look at the gums and surrounding teeth to determine if the mouth can support a partial.  If this is not the case, they will suggest an implantation. The process starts with the removal of some teeth. This can be a few or every single one. Then, titanium rods are drilled into the gums and porcelain substitutes will be connected.

So why are implants better than removable dentures? There are several reasons this prosthetic is a better option. They require no special care, no paste, soaking or buffing. A patient can live life as if they never lost their teeth at all, as brushing and flossing is all it takes to keep the implants clean.  More than likely, it will feel like the procedure never happened.

A fear everyone shares is of the procedure’s side effects.  The most commonly noted one is increased salvation, which subsides in about a week. Regular dentist visits will fight plaque buildup and gingivitis that can still pop up, and this will ensure proper oral hygiene.

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