Dental AnxietyWe go to the dentist because we recognize the importance of maintaining good dental health through regular dental cleanings and by fixing problems as they arise. While many people deal with a trip to the dentist just fine, for some, it can be a source of anxiety. If this describes you, here are five way to help stay calm at the dentist.


Watch that TV or read that magazine

Ever notice how dentists’ offices have TVs on and popular magazines lying around? This is no accident. Dentists know you may be a little concerned and that the worst part can be the waiting right beforehand. That’s why they make sure you have a program to watch or something to read to help keep your mind off it. Or you can bring your favorite music or show to listen to on headphones while you wait.


Learn more about it

It’s easy to be scared of the unknown, so try learning more about the procedure and why you are doing this. This works better for some people than others. But do speak with your dentist or their staff about any concerns you may have. The simple act of expressing this to them will probably help calm you.


Understand pain control

One of the reasons why people dislike the dentist is because they hear about other people’s painful experiences. Often, these horror stories are because someone didn’t follow instructions properly or didn’t make sure they had recommended pain medications on hand. Know what pain medications you will need and how to get them.


Don’t add to the pressure

Make sure you have everything set up well in advance of your dental visit and don’t over-schedule yourself. If your procedure requires someone else taking you home, arrange it well in advance and reconfirm the day beforehand. Also, know where you are going to pick up any pain prescriptions you may be given. You don’t want to be without them when the anesthetic wears off.


Focus on why you are doing this

When we do undergo things we don’t look forward to but know are important, it helps to visualize why we are doing them. In this case, it is to ensure the proper dental health and to make us feel better about ourselves in the long run.

If you find yourself unable to stop thinking about your upcoming dental visit, try redirecting those thoughts to the benefit you will receive. If you are having a cosmetic dentistry procedure done, think about how great it will be to have that perfect smile.

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