People get cosmetic dentistry done for many reasons, including for their work if it depends on appearance. They also might want the confidence that comes from having a straight bright smile. There are many types of cosmetic dentistry procedures which can even play a role in making it easier to keep your teeth clean.

You will likely feel more invested in your overall oral health and hygiene once you have invested in a cosmetic dentistry procedure.


What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dental procedures improve the appearance of your teeth and smile by correcting discoloration, chips, broken teeth, misaligned teeth, and unsightly gaps between teeth. Cosmetic dentistry can help with your teeth’s overall health by making it more manageable to keep your teeth clean.

With this kind of dental procedure, you will feel invested in keeping your teeth and gums in good health.


Teeth Whitening

A very common cosmetic dental procedure is teeth whitening. Many of the items we consume, like coffee and red wine, can stain teeth making them appear discolored. Though there are many over-the-counter treatments and specialized toothpaste that will whiten teeth to some degree, the best results are obtained by visiting a dentist for professional treatments.


Crowns and veneers

Damaged teeth can be corrected with the use of crowns or veneers. Veneers are bonded to the front of teeth, while crowns cover the entire tooth like a cap once it has been prepared to receive the crown. Both are long-lasting solutions that can correct a broken smile.



Bridges can be used to replace a missing tooth. This procedure fixes a smile with a large gap where one of your natural teeth once was. The replacement tooth, which is part of the bridge, is supported by the adjacent natural teeth, which is attached to the bridge.


If you think one of these cosmetic dentistry procedures would give you a more confident smile, or if you have any other dental care needs or concerns, contact one of our professionals to schedule an appointment with Medical Center Dental.